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Micșorare de sâni (mamoplastie de reducere)

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)




de la 13.000 RON

What is breast reduction or breast reduction?

It is the cosmetic operation that is addressed to women with large and drooping breasts and aims to reduce the breasts and lift them. Breast reduction is done with very good results, but getting a more natural look may require a liposuction for retouching. In order to obtain the best possible symmetry of the breasts, which are never perfectly equal, it is necessary to measure their volume preoperatively, but the perfect symmetry is impossible to obtain.

What does surgery require?

The cosmetic operation is performed under general anesthesia, and the incisions are made so that the resulting scars will be around the mammary areola, in the submammary and vertical groove between the two. These incisions are necessary to perform the repositioning of the mammary areola, reducing the volume of the breasts and restoring the contour, as aesthetic as possible.


To reduce very large breasts it may be necessary to completely detach the breast areola (to be moved above) which will determine its final anesthesia and inability to breastfeed.


Because shrinking the breasts requires partial cutting, it is impossible for them to be exactly the same size in the end, so there will be an asymmetry, often not very obvious, which can be corrected.


The operation lasts 2-4 hours, recovery is done in 2-3 days, professional activity can be resumed after 7 days, but physical effort should be avoided 1-2 months.

How is the postoperative period?

After shrinking, the breasts are swollen, there is pain, which may require adequate therapy for several days, discomfort when mobilizing, small bruises (bruises). In order to obtain as little visible scars as possible, it is mandatory to use special ointments or dressings and to wear the post-operative bra, continuously for 4 weeks, then only during the day.

What complications can occur?

These are the common ones and other aesthetic operations:


hemorrhage (bleeding that may require reoperation)

serum (accumulation of serum - prevented by drainage tubes)

infection (breast adipose tissue is poorly vascularized and thus more prone to infections - it is counteracted with antibiotics), skin or fat necrosis (death of skin or fat at the suture edge causes healing delays and the formation of vicious scars that require further correction)

The specific complications of this type of intervention are


reduction or abolition of skin sensitivity

inability to breastfeed

breast asymmetry

unsightly appearance of scars (the latter can be corrected), asymmetry (perfect symmetry can not be achieved).

This operation does not increase the risk of breast cancer, on the contrary, due to the fact that it is cut from the breast tissue, it reduces this risk.

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