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Plastic surgery procedures



The word ' plastic ' in the name of the specialty comes from the Greek ' plasticos ', meaning ' to model ', ' to sculpt '. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a very broad, interdisciplinary specialty that deals with:

  • hand surgery ( trauma, chronic conditions, compression syndromes, postoperative / post-combustion / postoperative sequelae )

  • treatment of burns and electrocution , regardless of their mechanism

  • surgical treatment of injuries associated with soft tissue defects (skin, bone, muscles, tendons, vessels and nerves )

  • excision of skin and soft tissue tumors, both benign and malignant

  • correction of congenital malformations

  • reconstruction of a damaged or absent part of the body or function

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What does a plastic surgery consultation entail?


It is the first stage of the consultation and involves the collection of all information related to the patient's history, personal and hereditary history, the patient's lifestyle, medication and existing symptoms.

Clinical examination

After obtaining all the information from the patient, the patient will be examined clinically.

Additional investigations

In certain situations, in order to establish the diagnosis or to be able to make a differential diagnosis with other conditions, certain investigations may be necessary (soft tissue echo, EMG, radiography, MRI, etc.).


Once the diagnosis has been established, all existing treatment options will be discussed with the patient, and then a decision will be made regarding a specific surgery.

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