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In the context of the situation generated by the COVID19 pandemic, our main concern remains the care for our patients and medical staff. Thus, we want all patients who cross our threshold these days to be safe and benefit from the best conditions for diagnosis and treatment, so we focus on the staff of the unit and patients, against the factors that could be a danger. of infection.


Complex cleaning, disinfection and nebulization procedures

All the spaces of our unit are equipped with the necessary materials and equipment, including UV systems, for the disinfection of possible contaminated spaces.

Adaptation of consultation intervals to increase patient safety

In order to increase safety and protect patients and medical staff, consultation intervals are scheduled in such a way as to avoid overcrowding, giving the necessary time to disinfect the premises after interaction with each patient.

Epidemiological triage of patients

The first step is to gather information over the phone during an appointment, so that we get as clear information as possible about the patients' situation before making an appointment.

The second stage takes place on arrival at our unit by measuring the temperature and completing the triage questionnaire, patients who show symptoms specific to acute respiratory infections and who have traveled in the last 14 days in countries where cases of COVID-19 have been identified will be instructed to call the Public Health Directorates or the emergency number 112.

What do patients need to know?

Access to treatment is based on an appointment only. Patients are asked to report exactly at the time of appointment. Those arriving before the appointment time will be asked to wait outside the clinic

The patient will be unaccompanied at the appointment, except for people who can not comply (minors, people with disabilities, etc.). In this case, they will be accompanied by a maximum of one companion.


Providing protective equipment and disinfectants

At the entrance to the unit there is a stand with disposable protective materials and equipment (dispensers with disinfectant solution, disposable masks, gloves, shoe / boot wrapper).


Measures of protection, prevention and encouragement of their observance by patients

At the entrance to the unit, the protection and prevention measures recommended in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic are displayed. Correct information is essential in this situation, as it is an additional way to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus. Both patients and the entire staff of the unit are encouraged to strictly follow the coronavirus transmission prevention measures recommended by the public health authorities.


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