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Aesthetic surgical procedures

Procedures under local anesthesia

Procedures under general anesthesia



Cosmetic Surgery is defined as a branch of Plastic Surgery that deals with the improvement    or correcting the appearance of parts of our body.

The important elements to consider when choosing our cosmetic surgeon are the experience and training he gains over the years and through the courses he attends and the participation in congresses, and the vision and aesthetic sense of the plastic surgeon are at least as important for to be able to get the results we want.

Aesthetic surgeries can be grouped into: cosmetic interventions that address the face and interventions that address the body.

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What does cosmetic surgery consultation entail?

The cosmetic surgery consultation involves first of all a detailed assessment of the patient, of the health problems he has, followed by a discussion with the patients so we can figure out what their expectations are. All indications, contraindications, recommendations, benefits and risks of the surgery that the patient wants will be explained in detail.

The decision to perform a certain surgery is established in agreement with the specialist.
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