Injectare de grăsime (Lipolifting)

Fat injection (Lipofilling)





About lipofilling

Lipofilling is the process of filling with fat. It is made for:


lip augmentation

correcting facial wrinkles

cheek and calf augmentation

dark circles correction

correction of subtegumentary depressions resulting from liposuction, post-traumatic or postoperative scars

improving the appearance of the back of the hands (rejuvenation).



The intervention involves two stages: a mini-aspiration through which fat is collected from the abdomen or other areas, usually a few milliliters or tens of milliliters, and after processing (washing and decanting or centrifugation) the fat is injected in deficient areas, which requires increase aesthetics or correction. It can be done under local or general anesthesia and rarely lasts more than an hour.




The injected fat “melts” in a proportion of 30-70%, so it is usually injected in excess (a hypercorrection is made), sometimes requiring several sessions until an aesthetic result is obtained, especially when a larger volume is needed. big. The place of this procedure has been taken lately by the injection of hyaluronic acid (on the lips, wrinkles, dark circles), the fat being used for scars, the back of the hands, the enlargement of the legs, or the filling of areas with depression.