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”Touch gold„- terapia cu microace de aur

"Touch gold" - therapy with gold microneedles




750 RON


"Touch gold" is a revolutionary, patented microneedling system consisting of a container and 20 microneedles finer than hair (0.13 mm), gold plated, that can penetrate the skin to the level of the deep dermis.

With the help of this device we can offer an individualized treatment plan, adapted to each patient. There will be a cocktail specific to the needs of the skin that may contain: vitamins, small amounts of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, depigmenting solutions and growth factors.

This treatment is quick and consists of introducing microacids and a mixture of substances into the skin. After treatment, bleeding and redness are minimal so that the patient can resume their daily activities, without the need for a recovery period.

One of the great advantages of this device is that it allows the application of botulinum toxin to the dermis (not to the muscles) procedure called "mesobotox", which improves fine wrinkles around the eyes, decreases sebum production in the skin and controls enlarged pores.

The indications of the procedure as well as the number of necessary sessions will be established following the consultation with the specialist doctor.

Touch gold benefits

-improves the texture and tone of the skin, giving brightness and radiance to the skin

-provides skin hydration

-reduces excess sebum

-reduces post-acne scars

-reduces dilated pores

-removes pigment spots

-pain-free procedure, minimal discomfort, minimal post-treatment redness

Areas to be treated


-perioral area (around the mouth)

-periocular area (around the eyes)

-the neck

-the neckline

-the dorsal face of the hands

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