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Rejuvenarea zonei perioculare

Periorbital rejuvenation




700 RON


The periocular area is a delicate area with very thin skin, at which the first signs of aging can be seen quite early.

Changes that occur at this level include: fine wrinkles, changes in skin color, grooves under the eyes or bags around the eyes and are due in part to the loss of volume in this area (both bone and muscle and tissue). adipose changes as we age) and on the other hand may be due to other factors such as lifestyle, vitamin deficiencies, lack of hydration, excessive sun exposure and certain diseases.

All these present changes make us age, give us a much sadder and tired look.


The treatment of the periocular area is a complex one and involves several sessions performed at a certain period of time.

The first step in establishing the treatment is the consultation, during which the specialist will carefully examine the periocular area, will make an assessment of the patient's general health and at the end will decide the treatment plan.

-Treatment of wrinkles in the periocular area

If the wrinkles are in the lateral corner of the eye (goose foot wrinkles) they can be corrected by injecting botulinum toxin with visible results in a few days.

For fine lines under the eyes, to maintain hydration and improve the quality of the skin in the eye area we have a protocol called Beautifeye developed by Fillmed.

-Treatment of bags under the eyes

In the case of bags under the eyes, the most effective treatment is surgery called lower blepharoplasty.

Beautifeye protocol description

The Beautifeye protocol consists in applying a special peeling for the delicate skin of the eyes which aims to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce pigment spots at this level followed in the same session by injecting a special mesotherapy cocktail into the dermis in the form of papules. with the help of the NANOSOFT device, and at the end the application of a cream with a calming and repairing effect.

It is recommended to perform at least 3 sessions at an interval of 2 weeks.

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