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Skinboosterele Restylane

Restylane skinboosters



Restylane Vital skinbooster injection

900 RON

Restylane Vital Light skinbooster injection

900 RON


Restylane skinboosters are injectable products based on hyaluronic acid obtained through NASHA technology (stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin) that is injected into the skin in order to improve skin quality and restore skin hydrobilibrium.


Two variants are available: Vital and Vital Light, the difference between the two being the concentration of hyaluronic acid


(Vital- 20 mg / ml and Vital light 12 mg / ml) the latter being suitable for more delicate areas such as the neck and décolleté.


Skinbooster syringes have a unique system called Smart Click that helps us control the amount of hyaluronic acid released so that 0.01 ml of hyaluronic acid is released with each bite.


Skinboosters can be used to treat the following areas:








reduce fine lines

increase skin elasticity

increase skin brightness

provides deep hydration

remanence of up to 9 months depending on the lifestyle of each patient

decrease skin roughness

increase skin firmness

diminishes post-acne scars

Skinboosters are the ideal treatment for people who want an obvious improvement in skin texture and surface.

What is the procedure?

The procedure does not cause much discomfort to the patient because before an anesthetic cream is applied and the products contain an addition of 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride. The area is well sanitized and then multiple microinjections will be made at the level of the deep dermis in the whole area we have chosen to treat. Finally, massage the area with a repair cream.


The evaluation of the patient, the treatment schedule, the number of necessary sessions as well as the benefits of this procedure will be established after consultation with the specialist.

Side effects

small bruises (bruises) at the puncture site (the risk is higher in people undergoing anticoagulant treatment)

erythema (redness)

swelling at the puncture site


pain at the injection site


sensitivity at the injection site

All these reactions disappear within a few days of injection. If the reactions persist for more than a week or other new reactions occur, it is important to contact the doctor who injected you.

Recommendations after performing this procedure

avoid exposure to the sun, sauna, solarium for a week after the procedure

no makeup will be applied to the injected area for 24 hours

avoid heavy physical exertion a few days after the injection

proper hydration

avoid touching the injected area

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