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Peeling PRX-T33 - Biorevitalizare fără ace

Peeling PRX-T33 - Biorevitalization without needles




500 RON


750 RON


950 RON

What is PRX-T 33 and how does it work?

PRX-T 33 a patented medical device for biorevitalizing the skin that does not affect the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) as in the case of the classic peel, it penetrates the dermis where it stimulates the production of collagen.


PRX-T33 is a gel that contains the following ingredients: 33% trichloroacetic acid (TCA), kojic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), this combination providing hydration and firmness to the skin.


Trichloroacetic acid stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Hydrogen peroxide has an antiseptic effect, and in contact with the skin it releases oxygen which activates metabolic and regenerative processes. Kojic acid provides skin luminosity and is used in the treatment of skin hyperpigmentation.

What are the indications for treatment?

loss of skin tone, firmness and elasticity of the face, neck and décolleté

atrophic scars

post-acne scars


skin hyperkeratosis

hyperpigmentation of the skin


prevention of the aging process

What are the contraindications to treatment?



viral infections (herpes)

allergy to one of the components

wounds, abrasions on the face

skin rash

What are the advantages of this treatment?

does not produce photosensitivity, so it can be used safely in any season, both summer and winter

painless only slightly discomfort

does not produce flaking

non-invasive method, does not involve injection

the patient can resume his activities immediately (a slight redness and burning sensation appear after treatment but disappear quickly)

does not require a recovery period

can be used in combination with other procedures

What are the post-procedure recommendations?

sun and solar exposure should be avoided both before and after the procedure

use a protective factor cream immediately after the procedure

avoid exposure to the sun, sauna, solarium and excessive cold a few days after the procedure

no other cosmetic procedures will be performed on the face for at least two weeks

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