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Rejuvenarea mâinilor

Hand rejuvenation










As time passes on our hands, signs of aging can be seen, sometimes they are visible earlier than in other areas because the hands are subject to many environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, wind, humidity, cold, certain chemicals, and so on

Thus there is a loss of volume at this level, the skin loses its elasticity begins to form wrinkles, and the veins on the dorsal face of the hand, tendons and bone structures become more prominent giving an aged appearance of the hands.

Indications for rejuvenation treatment

-old-out appearance of the hands

-prominent veins and tendons in the dorsal face of the hand

-thin, wrinkled, dehydrated, dry skin

-loss of volume in the hands

Types of treatment

Within the Hebe Medical Center for Plastic, Aesthetic and Dermatological Surgery, several minimally invasive treatment options are available that improve the quality and texture of the skin, namely:

-injections with hyaluronic acid or skinboosters

-chemical peels

-mezotherapy with vitamins

-prp (vampire therapy)

The choice of the type of treatment according to each patient as well as the number of sessions required will be established following a consultation. For best results the above mentioned procedures can be combined.

The procedures are not painful because they are performed under local anesthesia with anesthetic cream.

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