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Injectările enzimatice PB Serum

Enzyme injections PB Serum




1600 RON


1500 RON


1400 RON

What are PB Serum enzymes and how do they work?

PB Serum Medical enzymes are a range of ISO certified medical products obtained through a lyophilization process and which are effective in the treatment of fibrosis, cellulite and skin rejuvenation.

Lyophilization is a method of preservation by dehydration, the enzymes being subjected to rapid freezing, which increases their stability, they retain their properties.

They are available in 3 variants HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW that contain 3 types of enzymes: lyase, lipase and collagenase in different concentrations depending on the treatment we want to perform.

Enzymes are found in our body and play a role in metabolic processes. The 3 enzymes found in the Pb Serum product act synergistically against the fibrosing process as follows: lipazar- role in eliminating localized fat deposits, liaza- decreases fluid retention, collagenase- helps in case of fibrosis, scars and stretch marks

Indications for use of enzymes

• skin laxity

• cellulite in the buttocks and thighs

• post-surgical fibrosis

• hypertrophic and atrophic scars

• goiter (double chin)

• stretch marks

• adipose tissue located in the abdominal, lumbar, arms

• liposuction

• after liposuction interventions


The contraindications to this procedure are the following:

• autoimmune diseases (psoriasis)

• anticoagulant therapy

• active lesions in the area to be injected

• anti-inflammatory medication

• recent vaccine - wait 15 days for the procedure

• pregnant or breastfeeding women

• uncontrolled diabetes

• administration of vitamin C

What is the procedure?

Apply the anesthetic cream on the area to be treated to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. As long as the anesthetic cream starts to takes effect the reconstitution of the solution to be injected: combine the powder of lyophilized enzymes together with hyaluronic acid Pb Serum HA 1.5 ml and the reconstitution solution (buffer). A small amount of xylin can also be added to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Disinfect the area and inject the solution obtained with a cannula or needle at the level of the area we want to treat.

The Pb Serum protocol recommends between 1 and 3 sessions every two weeks, but in some cases a larger number of sessions may be required.

All the information related to the indications of the procedure, the contraindications as well as the number of necessary sessions will be established after the consultation with the specialist doctor.

Post-procedure recommendations

It is recommended that for 4-5 days post-procedure the patient avoid high physical exertion, sauna, solarium, hot baths and swimming pools. If necessary, in case of discomfort or pain, your doctor may prescribe analgesic medication.

Side effects

• erythema, bruising

• pain at the injection site

• redness at the injection site

• edema

• allergic reactions - less common

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