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Remodelare corporală după chrurgia bariatrică

Remodelare corporală după chrurgia bariatrică




de la 12.000 RON

About body reshaping

The progressive increase in the number of bariatric interventions is due both to the fact that morbid obesity is becoming more common and to the fact that bariatric surgery has evolved with the help of laparoscopic surgery and the emergence of mechanical staplers.


Bariatric procedures cause a massive weight loss, but patients remain with an excess of flabby skin that has the potential to cause various medical problems (irritation, dermatitis, ulcers), in addition to the unpleasant aesthetic appearance. These patients may have major skin excess in six regions of the body: face and neck, breasts, arms and armpits, back, middle and thighs.


Surgical body remodeling can begin 18 months after bariatric surgery and after 3 months with stable weight. Corrective interventions can be performed separately or in combination, usually 3 months apart, but so that an operation does not last more than 6 hours.




It most often begins with circumferential abdominoplasty. This procedure removes the excess skin fold left in the lower abdomen (belly) and back, and strengthens the muscle wall. During this intervention, the pubic area can also be corrected or the buttocks can be lifted.




Arm lifting, also called brachioplasty, removes excess skin from the lower part (when they are 90 degrees to the body) of the arms. At the same time, the appearance of the armpit can be corrected, a fold that can be found in the infero-lateral part of the thorax can be excised, or it can be associated with the lifting of the breasts.




Breast lift is an important stage in reshaping the body because at their level there are major changes due to weight loss. The usual lifting procedures have been adapted for these changes. In men, the procedures for treating gynecomastia in order to remove the breasts have been adapted.




Correction of the folds on the back and hips is necessary, in addition to the aesthetic purpose, and in order to solve the difficulties in finding clothing.




Thigh lifting is one of the most difficult and challenging interventions in post-bariatric body reshaping. The result of this operation is also influenced by the result of an abdominoplasty or a previous buttock lift.




Lifting of the face and neck is necessary in people, usually over 45 years, in whom weight loss has led to significant skin excess associated with volume deficit, lowering of soft anatomical structures and deepening wrinkles.

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