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Terapia Vampir-PRP

Platelet rich plasma




750 RON


2100 RON


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2100 RON

What is PRP therapy or vampire therapy?

PRP therapy or platelet-enriched plasma therapy is a modern method of biorevitalizing and rejuvenating 100% natural skin that involves injecting the patient's own plasma into the skin.

Plasma obtained by centrifugation contains a very large amount of platelets, proteins, enzymes and growth factors, much higher than is normally found in the blood, having a role in the regeneration of affected tissues.

Vampire therapy is also used successfully in areas such as trichology, gynecology, urology and orthopedics.

What does the PRP procedure entail?

The procedure involves collecting a small amount of blood in a special sterile test tube for PRP, followed by spinning and obtaining plasma rich in platelets and injecting the plasma into the areas to be treated: face, neck, décolleté, scalp and dorsal face of the hands.

An anesthetic cream will be applied to the area we want to treat and then the plasma is injected with very fine needles.

Immediately after the procedure, small bruises (bruises) may remain at the injection site, the skin is red, the erythema may persist for several days.

What are the indications for PRP therapy?

• skin lacking vitality, firmness

• signs of skin aging: wrinkles and fine lines

• treatment of alopecia (hair loss)

• stimulating hair growth after hair transplantation

• revitalization and rehydration of dry, aged skin

• treatment of post-acne / post-chickenpox scars

Advantages of the procedure

• there is no risk of side effects, using the patient's own material

• PRP therapy can be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures

• does not require recovery time, the patient can resume his activities immediately

• addresses both women and men


Contraindications to the procedure

anticoagulant treatments

• sepsis

• acute or chronic infections

• thrombocytopenia

• blood clotting disorders

• chemotherapy

• malignancy

Recommendations after performing the procedure

After the procedure, the following will be avoided:

• sun exposure, sauna, solarium and excessive cold for several days after the procedure

• avoid hot baths a few days after the procedure

• makeup of the area should be avoided for 48 hours

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