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Dermapen 4- Microneedling medical

Microneedling treatment




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What is Dermapen 4?

Dermapen 4 is the latest microneedling device in the Dermapen range, being equipped with 16 sterile 33 G single-use micro-channels that create over 1900 microchannels / second. These channels are permeable for a short time, at which point some concentrated serums are applied.

Depending on the condition we want to treat, we can reach a depth of 3 mm with needles (a program used for post-acne scars).

With the help of this device we cause some controlled microlesions on the skin and we practically determine the skin to produce more collagen, in order to rejuvenate it.

Who is Dermapen recommended for?

Dermapen treatment is used to:

• amelioration of fine / moderate wrinkles, pigment spots, scars, alopecia.

• improving the appearance of post-acne scars or hypertrophic scars

• stretch mark treatment

• skin laxity

•hair loss


People who are not recommended to take Dermapen are:

• herpes simplex

• warts

• psoriasis

• eczema

• anticoagulant treatment

• chemo / radiotherapy

• acne vulgaris stages III-IV

• bacterial and fungal infections

• open wounds in the treated area

•skin cancer

• pregnant women

Which areas can be treated?



• hands


• abdomen, thighs, buttocks

What is the procedure?

At the time of the consultation, the indications, contraindications and benefits of this procedure will be discussed and the treatment plan and the number of necessary sessions will be established depending on the patient's problem.

Stages of the procedure:

• the first step is to clean and disinfect the skin with the Dermaceuticals Clini Prep solution

• then apply an anesthetic cream to minimize the discomfort felt by the patient

• then choose the serums from the DP Dermaceuticals range that we want to use in the procedure

• we select the speed and depth at which we want to work depending on the problem the patient has and the procedure will begin by making between 1 and 3 passes on each area creating those microchannels that are very permeable and we will apply the active substances depending on what we want to achieve: hyaluronic acid boosters, serums with growth factors, pigmenting substances, etc.

• then apply the Hyla Active Dermaceuticals mask to soothe and moisturize the skin

• at the end of the procedure, Dermaceuticals Vitamin Rich Repair repair cream is applied

-The duration of a session is about 20-30 minutes.

After treatment:

immediately after the procedure and in the next 3-5

• days the skin may show varying degrees of redness

• The skin may be inflamed

bruising may occur

• Avoid sun exposure immediately after the procedure

• avoid applying makeup for the first 24 hours

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