Mezoterapie pentru față

Mesotherapy for the face









What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical procedure that consists of injecting concentrated substances into the dermis with the role of hydrating and improving the quality and texture of the skin.

The products we use are actually cocktails that contain active compounds such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids whose role is to stimulate cell regeneration, collagen neosynthesis and for deep hydration.

The injection techniques used are: the coating technique, in the form of dermal papules, the cannula technique or with the help of electronic medical devices.

What are the benefits of mesotherapy?

• moisturizes the skin

• improves the appearance, tone and elasticity of the skin

• prevention of the skin aging process

• fades pigment spots

• improves the appearance of dark circles

• stimulates hair growth

• skin rejuvenation


When do we need mesotherapy?

• dehydrated, dry skin

• skin aging

• skin hyperpigmentation

• flabby skin without tone

• alopecia (hair loss)

• fine wrinkles

• blurring of dark circles

dull, tired, dull complexion


• pregnant or breastfeeding women

• neoplasms

• local viral or bacterial active infections

• systemic infections

• coagulation disorders

• autoimmune diseases

• treatment with anticoagulants

• sensitivity to the substances to be injected

What is the procedure?

A local anesthetic cream will be applied to eliminate any discomfort. After the anesthetic cream has been removed and the disinfected skin, multiple microinjections are performed on the entire area to be treated.

Within the Hebe Medical Center for Plastic, Aesthetic and Dermatological Surgery, injectable mesotherapy can be performed with:

• microwave (4 mm)

• Nanosoft nanowires (by FILLMED) - these are very fine needles. The therapy is painless and without the risk of hematomas

• mesotherapy gun- special gun for mesotherapy. The advantages of the gun would be that it ensures a uniform, precise injection and thus reduces the discomfort of the procedure and optimizes the results.

At the time of the consultation, an assessment of the patient is made, the indications, contraindications, benefits of this procedure are discussed and the treatment plan and the number of necessary sessions are established.

Adverse effects

The procedure presents minimal risks, but after the injection small bruises (bruises) may occur at the injection site, redness of the area and edema (swelling) especially in the periocular area, but all these symptoms resolve spontaneously in a few days.

Post-injection recommendations

• avoid applying makeup for 24 hours

• avoid sauna, solarium and sun / cold exposure for several days after injection

• hot baths should be avoided

• proper hydration