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Implantologie- folosirea implantelor

Implantology - use of implants




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About implants

Implants can be inserted for:




lip augmentation - silicone implants, achieves a final enlargement (not absorbed, can be extracted at the patient's request, can be done under local anesthesia)

chin augmentation

testicular reconstruction

buttock enlargement - is done with silicone implants, similar to breast augmentation

penis - implants are used to achieve an erection (do not cause elongation or thickening); they are used in cases of functional impotence in which all other methods of treatment have failed; implants are of two types: hard implants that perform a permanent erection and pump implants that produce the erection only when needed by pumping fluid

legs - in order to thicken the legs in the upper part (below the knee) in people who lack the muscle relief characteristic of this area.

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